i2ADS Publications

i2ADS regularly publishes the following publications:


  • PSIAX – Studies and Reflections on Drawing and Image
  • Derivas – Research In Arts Education
  • ALIX – Journal of Studies in Photography and Cinema
  • Tropismo Fotográfico
  • Artistic Research Does

In addition to its journals, i2ADS maintains a regular activity of disseminating the results of its research with the publication of books within the scope of projects, interest groups and conferences.

Publication of exhibition catalogues of artistic research and conducted in the scope of i2ADS.

Publications in partnership with other institutions, though editing support.

i2ADS’ editorial line

The mission of i2ADS’ editorial line is to promote and disseminate the knowledge produced in its research programmes through periodical and non-periodical publications, and is guided by the following principles:

  • To promote the dissemination of i2ADS’ research projects and the publication of their results;
  • To develop new strategies for publishing and disseminating research on artistic practices;
  • To publish original works of recognized scientific and artistic quality that enhance the development of future research and practical approaches;
  • To support the periodical publications integrated in the research programmes of i2ADS;
  • To observe good transparency and integrity practices of peer reviewing in all publications with the seal of i2ADS;
  • To make available in open access the publications with the seal of i2ADS.

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