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Notions such as artistic research, material thought or performative paradigm — that encompass the production of artefacts, exhibitions, performances or situations — are commonly accepted today in their aim to affirm the contributions of artistic practice in the production of knowledge in art and design.

If these contributions have led to a reformulation of the procedures of research and of the definition of knowledge within the university and in society, the opposite has also happened: the very framework of artistic practice has changed because of an increasing number of artists and designers producing their work in a research environment.

Experimental artistic programmes seek to make accessible the documentation of artistic processes and the dissemination of the methods of practice in order to support new experimental, critical and curatorial approaches. As spaces of reflective practice, they are not mere repositories of results of individual artistic practice. They are based on exposing practices that systematically address issues relevant to the i2ADS’ mission. Their purpose is to document the artistic process through exhibitions that include the means of the practice itself and the reflective thinking that it activates.

i2ADS Portal on the Research Catalogue

i2ADS uses the Research Catalogue (RC) as a platform for documentation and dissemination of the Experimental Artistic Programmes developed by its members.

Screenshot of exposition groups associated with i2ADS projects in the Research Catalogue.

Explore the i2ADS Portal on the Research Catalogue

What is the Research Catalogue

Research Catalogue is a free, non-commercial online platform for the collaboration, publication and dissemination of artistic research promoted by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR). Through this platform it is possible to create and edit customized web pages, called expositions.

How to publish in the Research Catalogue

To submit exposition to the i2ADS Portal in the RC you must:

01. Register a full account:
When you register, you will start with a basic account. To upgrade, go to the i2ADS Portal and click on “Request Membership” in the upper right corner. We will verify that you are part of the i2ADS research team and upgrade your account.

02. Create an exposition:
On your profile page, click on the “Create Exposition” button and select an editor (we recommend choosing between graphical or block). After that, you will be asked to fill in the information regarding your exposition (you can change this information later). Finally, you will be able to create the exposition itself. Please note that for each media entry you must enter a corresponding license (RC uses the Creative Commons).

For more information on how to create an exhibit, you can watch the video tutorials or access the RC extended guide.

03. Submit the exposition for review
After creating the exposition, return to your profile and access the exhibition menu in the lower right corner. Click the “Submit for Review” option and select i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society. Click on “Submit” to confirm. Your exposition will be peer-reviewed, and you will receive feedback within a few weeks.

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your proposal, please make sure that the explsition complies with the following guidelines:

  • Title / Subtitle describing the content of the exposition.
  • Summary of 150-250 words in English/Portuguese, describing the contents of the work, the methodology and its importance for the field of artistic research.
  • 3 to 5 keywords.
  • Framework text between 1500-3000 words.
  • Updated author(s) profile(s) with a 50-150 short biography and affiliation, if appropriate.
  • Index of content related to the exhibition pages in RC.
  • Media and image files must be loaded directly into RC (external links must be avoided).
  • Quality for web viewing / listening must be ensured for image / sound / video.
  • External links should open in a new window.