Art Based Labs

Notions such as artistic research, material thought or performative paradigm — that encompass the production of artefacts, exhibitions, performances or situations — are commonly accepted today in their aim to affirm the contributions of artistic practice in the production of knowledge in art and design.

If these contributions have led to a reformulation of the procedures of research and of the definition of knowledge within the university and in society, the opposite has also happened: the very framework of artistic practice has changed because of an increasing number of artists and designers producing their work in a research environment.

Experimental artistic programmes seek to make accessible the documentation of artistic processes and the dissemination of the methods of practice in order to support new experimental, critical and curatorial approaches. As spaces of reflective practice, they are not mere repositories of results of individual artistic practice. They are based on exposing practices that systematically address issues relevant to the i2ADS’ mission. Their purpose is to document the artistic process through exhibitions that include the means of the practice itself and the reflective thinking that it activates. The presentation of the documentary material takes place on the i2ADS portal on the Research Catalogue.

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