Research Institute in Art, Design and Society

i2ADS – Research Institute of Art, Design and Society was established in 2011. It is a research unit based at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (FBAUP), having as its partner the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE). i2ADS develops its activities in the scope of Art and Design, Artistic and Musical Development.

The team is composed of 26 integrated doctorate researchers, 11 integrated non-doctorate researchers and 102 collaborating researchers.

Following the Plan for Restructuring R&D Units (funded by FCT in 2016-2018), i2ADS has reorganized itself, betting on collaborative work, organized in research hubs that interweave in the thematic areas of the R&D unit. i2ADS insures the systematic articulation of the research through projects, action and diffusion of the research processes and results.

In the 2013-2017 period, i2ADS affirmed itself, nationally, as one of the research units in the artistic field with the highest research productivity. Its actual integrated researchers published 81 articles, of which 46 with an international scope, 75 book chapters, 24 edited books/journals, 225 participations in conferences, 207 exhibitions/concerts, 150 Master and 59 PhD theses were completed under the supervision of i2ADS’ integrated researchers. Also, i2ADS organized 27 international conferences. Its strategic priorities are 5 and established around the: i) consolidation of research in arts and design; ii) consolidation of the policy of internationalization; iii) development of collaborative research practices; iv) articulation between postgraduate training and research; v) transference of knowledge and technology, with an open science policy and the appropriation and impact of research in society.

i2ADS has as its mission the promotion of theoretical, experimental and artistic practice research, in the areas of Fine Art, Design, Drawing, Artistic Studies, Arts Education, Music and Performance Arts. In the work produced, and in its future projection, i2ADS intends to contribute to the clarification of the research field in the arts and design and in the quest for appropriate research indicators. In that sense, it has been inscribing itself in the international discussion about research in the arts, through the presence of its researchers in the relevant research forums, the development of projects, and the organization of publications and events that promote that debate and development.



DIRECTOR Paulo Luís Almeida
Coordination Board Paulo Luís Almeida José Paiva Manuela Bronze Pedro Amado
Scientific Board Bruno Pereira Catarina S. Martins Fernando José Pereira José Paiva Mário Bismarck Mário Azevedo Paulo Almeida Pedro Amado Silvia Simões Tiago Assis

Advisory Board Ana Mae Barbosa John Baldacchino Domènec Corbella Llobet
Science and Technology Management Margarida Dias
Design Joana Carneiro

i2ADS structures its research activities around the following objectives:

i) To affirm and to clarify the place of research in artistic higher education in dialogue with the national and international communities of research in art.

ii) To produce research work in articulation with other institutions, national and international, and the establishment of partnerships, consortiums and networks.

iii) To disseminate and turn into a reference the knowledge produced through the organization of scientific/artistic events, research publications and their presentation in artistic/scientific relevant places.

iv) To foment the mobility and the artistic/scientific exchange between congenial institutions and artists/researchers, on a national and international level.

v) To ensure the articulation of research with graduate and postgraduate courses emphasizing the space of the university as the place par excellence of research.

vi) To involve students and young researchers in research dynamics.

vii) To participate in the planning and development of training programmes in the areas of Art and Design, Artistic Development and Music.

viii) To analyse, propose and intervene in the field of arts education at all levels of education.

ix) To establish connections between the research in the arts and other areas of knowledge.

ix) To ensure the provision of services in the artistic and scientific fields to the community, contributing to a public consciousness of the role of the arts and design as ways of knowledge and intervention.


i2ADS hosts the following Conferences/ Encounters/ Season Schools

Conference Drawing in the University Today
Conversations on Artistic Research
Encounter on Practices of Research in Arts Education
International Chamber Music Conference
International Encounter on Arts Education
International Encounter on Contemporary European Painting
Network 29: Winter School on Arts Education
#16 ART - Artis Intelligentia: Imagining The Real / International Meeting On Art And Technology

i2ADS edits the following journals/ publications

Artistic Research Does
Derivas: Research in Arts Education


Internal Regulation

NOTE: All research actions and results within the i2ADS research and artistic production activities must be correctly identified with the Institute's logotype and in accordance with the communication standards and with the brand standards guide.

Project proposal template


Editorial Boards
 / Advisory Boards

Doing Arts Thinking, Sense Publishers
Revista Digital do Laboratório de Artes Visuais
Revista Cartema
Revista SCIAS Arte/Educação
Revista Invisibilidades

Local, national and international partnerships/ networks

Arte Total
Escola de Música de Perosinho
European Educational Research Association
Museu do Douro


NOTA: any request for admission must be submitted to and addressed to the Direction of i2ADS.