Interest Groups

In the plural, questioning, and interventive environment that characterizes the research in Art, Design and Society, Interest Groups are intended to give visibility and encourage research communities in thematic areas relevant to the mission of i2ADS. These thematic areas can contribute in a particular way to the ongoing Research Programmes or be constituted from new interests and crossings between areas of knowledge.

The Interest Groups may be proposed, organized and moderated by any researcher or group that involves integrated researchers, in order to develop activities and promote the results of their practice.

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Proposals for interest groups

i2ADS is open to proposals for the creation of new Interest Groups in the scope of its mission.

  1. Integrated researchers or research groups can propose Interest Groups in the scope of i2ADS. Each group must develop its activities within the framework of i2ADS’ objectives and regulations. The group moderator must be an integrated researcher.
  2. The purpose, objectives and activity plan of each group must be approved by the Scientific Council.
  3. Upon approval, all groups must have a self-organization model, without the financial or administrative support of i2ADS, with the exception of the dissemination and activities that are approved in the activities plan of its members, or of the research projects that result from the applications that the group makes.
  4. There must be at least one annual open call for new members to join the interest group if they so wish.
  5. Each group has the responsibility of reporting its activities annually.
  6. If the Scientific Council finds that the group does not comply with these conditions, objectives and regulations, it may withdraw its support and terminate its relationship with i2ADS.

The approval of the Interest Group is made by i2ADS’ Scientific Council based upon a synthetic proposal that includes the names of the group moderator and of at least three integrated researchers.