Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society

HUB is a peer-reviewed and open-access research journal for reporting on arts, design, and performing arts.

HUB is published twice a year by i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (University of Porto, Portugal) and hosted on the Research Catalogue platform, an international artistic research infrastructure that enables multimedia publication.

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Current issue

Issue #2 / Spring 2024

Theme: Varia

Editors: Filipa Cruz, Fabrício Fava, Manuela Bronze, Orlando Vieira Francisco and Pedro Amado

For its Issue #2, HUB continues to develop work along the lines of artistic research, focusing its attention on multiple creative practices and the transversality of the processes explored. Marking one year since the launch of Issue 0, HUB is committed to the Research Catalogue platform and ways of exploring and viewing multimedia material that can do justice to the dynamics between content and reading and browsing modes.

The VARIA issue allows authors to submit proposals that do not fall under the umbrella of a guiding theme. It offers an approach and freedom to the subjects the authors wish to make visible.

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