Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society

HUB is a peer-reviewed and open-access research journal for reporting on arts, design, and performing arts.

HUB is published twice a year by i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (University of Porto, Portugal) and hosted on the Research Catalogue platform, an international artistic research infrastructure that enables multimedia publication.

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Current issue

Issue #1 / Autumn 2023

Theme: Distance

Editors: Orlando Vieira Francisco, Fabrício Fava, Filipa Cruz, Manuela Bronze and Pedro Amado

Peer reviewers: Bruno Pereira, Camila Mangueira, Daniel Brandão, Domingos Loureiro, Eliana Penedos, Elisa Noronha, Filipe Lopes, Jeanine Geammal, Joanne Scott, Juan Fernando de Laiglesia, Linda K Anderson, Renata Siqueira, Tomas Chochole

For this Autumn issue of HUB, we present a collection of works that results from the interest in broadening the understanding of Distance.

We shared questions with the authors based on the strategies and ways of visualizing distance in artistic practice. We asked, after all, how we can understand the aesthetics of Distance, including new narrative and visual devices, to reveal something inevitable or ineffable. What are the possibilities of the Distance between the real world and the imagined one? Can the Distance between them be measured?

The four essays in this edition arise from the field of experimentation, from the sensitive perception of everyday life, dissolving distances, often from collective and organized work, giving room for an interpretative arc over the Distance.

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