...when the residues and sediments have told us all their memories about how to make and unmake the world, new alliances between the different forms of life shall establish a joint future. That future which is already present because we speculate and imagine it and that we are building together.

  • Edição
  • Carla Cruz, Claudia Lopes
  • Ano
  • 2023


An action serving absolutely
no purpose. A gesture that goes voluntarily missing on the side of the mountain. Slope. Ephemeral bearings and inscriptions. A pointless exercise in restitution that turns our attention to the need to explore the consequences of an inevitable ecological transformation, which heralds a crisis in the environmental system in which the continued efforts of these minimum gestures stand out in dispute with the inertia and the forgotten, the stagnation, corrosion, and exhaustion. Thus, the geological processes of erosion and sedimentation, paradigms of a contemporaneity alien to their original causes. Movements of materials and trajectories without any destiny to set the weight of any action: a way of inventing a path as absurd as it is efficient for thinking “in” and “with” the surface.

Extract from Marrow.