Pure Print Publication

Produced after three editions of the international printmaking meeting Pure Print, aims to collect, document and present classical traditions of print and emerging technologies for printmaking.

  • Edição
  • Graciela Machado
  • Ano
  • 2016
  • isbn | issn
  • 978-989-746-100-2

Pure Print Publication results from a collaborative editorial process.

The PPP (Pure Print Publication), as it came to be called, results from the PP (Pure Print) and was designed to share and expand the model of production and creation based on the inherent experimental and interdisciplinary nature of print practices. As such, recognizing the importance of setting up a practice based platform for a direct and practically-oriented research, as much the emphasis on classical printimaking. PPP presents in a single printed volume, the ambitious project Pure Print after all proposed at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP).

Its meaning and form is understood in the light of the formation of a printmaking workshop within an academic context, where the editorial process become exponentially contingent effect of who comes, who works there and how print practices must be kept in constant reformulation.

The editorial production, which resulted, reveals the adopted pedagogical models, and promotes a discipline that continuously seeks to explore the broadening possibilities for the graphic artifact in the digital age. As such, it displays current printing options at the printmaking workshop – Riso, etching, silkscreen – in a healthy competition between manual and reprographic systems. Finally, this publication resumes the need to pay attention to costs and at the same time understands the use in publishing of innovative and combined technologies for the exploration of contemporary print developments.

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