Lara Soares

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

collaborative researcher

Completed her Master’s in Practice and Theory of Drawing in 2008 at the University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts and Degree in Fine Arts in 2005 at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria – School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha. Attends the PhD in Art Education at the University of Porto – Faculty of Fine Arts since 2015. It has 4 book chapters. She works in the field of Arts Education with an emphasis on the field of cultural and artistic practices in contexts of mediation in museums and other cultural spaces. Co-founder of the BURILAR project (2018), where she builds a territory of experimentation and investigation in the field of practices in artistic education. Certified trainer with experience in teaching in higher education.


Thesis title
With pencil in hand: A microscopic perspective on practices between education and art

FCT reference

This research project focuses on two axes – Artistic practices and educational practices that will be placed face to face in what we call the interstitial field of artistic education.From a position centered on the dimension of practice and on the areas of contact between artistic practices and educational practices, the purpose of this investigation is not so much to analyze a certain event – a workshop, a visit to the museum, a show – but rather to understand its nature as a potential space (Atkinson, 2011). A space in constant movement, for the opening of new learning possibilities, new ways of seeing things, of making sense, of looking inside and questioning our practice from the outside.From the active context of this investigation, it is intended to contribute to the questioning of the very need for artistic education. From the nature of the projects and proposals implemented and at the same time questioning the institutional options and the active ways of those who operate in traditional mediation spaces, educational services, artistic and cultural mediation projects, art and education projects, etc…

Catarina Martins


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