Joana Nascimento

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

phd student // FCT studentship

Thesis title
Artist Book (place and vehicle): the common field between art and education

FCT reference

“Artist book (place and vehicle): the common field between art and education”, is the title of a project-based doctoral research in art education. The issue is motivated by the work of more than a decade as an artist-educator-researcher. The project is developed on the artist books and the educational potential built in their mobilization to work with children aged 3-9 years old, in the context of cultural mediation in museum-school partnership, focusing on the Reading Incentive Programme – Porto a Ler. The research seeks to contribute to the problematization of educational action in different contexts. The argument of the thesis reconsiders the historically constructed perceptions of childhood and intimacy, not as a starting point, but as a necessary path for the critical dismantling of the normalized discourse in the understanding of education, reading and cultural mediation. Thus, a set of processes, practices and methodologies created in the project with artist books (2013-2018) are brought together, questioning the political order of the educational programme hosted in partnerships between institutions such as the school, the art museum, the family, etc. How is the idea of childhood implied in the adult-child-book relationships that can be built in the educational practice? How can these relationships, mediated by the artist’s book, constitute a common conceptual field? What can reading do? What can the book do? The design of a children’s cosmology is envisaged for the construction and experience of the artist’s book in art education.”

Gabriela Pinheiro (supervisor) and Isabel Baraona (co-supervisor)


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