Daniela Ferreira Pinheiro

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

phd student // FCT studentship

Thesis title
Compounds of the Artistic Freedom: Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Constraints as Essential Tools for the Artistic Practice

FCT reference

Confronted with artistic practices that continuously engage with a self-deliberated set of cyclic constraints, we question ourselves about the optional dynamic that leads someone to resort constantly to this methodology. The notion of “intrinsic motivation” approached by Teresa Amabile, seems to us the connective element between an optional conditioning and the creative liberty. Likewise, the “self-constraint” associated to the artistic freedom and to a constant apprehension of new meanings, indicates a revitalization of the intrinsic motivation. Under this movement, that appears to be ascending, we structure the CoAF diagram – Compounds of the Artistic Freedom: the central object of this study. This continuous fomentation of the intrinsic motivation of the subject by constraints seems to be at the base of practice and the artistic liberties. The proposal is heading in the direction of analyzing theoretically the CoAF and its possible applicability in the context of practice and the artistic education.

Domingos Loureiro (supervisor) and Teresa Almeida (co-supervisor)


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