Processes of transformation in artistic-scientific teaching in Porto (1950-2016)

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Artistic Practice, Politics and Social Engagement
  • Referência
  • i2ADS-2019-ProT-Porto
  • Período
  • 01.01.2019 — 12.31.2020

The research project ProT-Porto is based on the collaborative practices of a group of researchers assigned to different organizational units of the University of Porto and is based on the need to deepen a field of reflection theoretical on the binomial Art/Science in the teaching/learning equation of higher education in Portugal. Considering the teaching/research processes developed within the framework of the two structures that give it institutional backing (MIARQ’s 2nd cycle studies curricular unit and a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary nucleus of thought established between teacher and researchers of the Faculties of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto) is intended to be an integrated line of interdisciplinary studies, to disseminate but also to expand the reflection in the areas of knowledge associated with these binomials.

As a result of an objective need to contribute to the establishment of collective memory, regarding the formation and consolidation of the “Oporto School” and the institutions that, from national and international contexts, formed their own intersections and interferences and those that, especially after the implementation of the 1957 Reform, have created different forms of affirmation in academia and society in general, in the academic, professional, social and political levels, revisiting the past to the extent of the contemporary questions. Reflecting on the present time, in the spheres of academia, profession and society, it is hoped to contribute to the understanding of the contemporary situation regarding the study, understanding and interpretation of the processes of transformation in higher scientific-artistic education in Portugal (1950-2016).

  • Principal investigator
    Mário Mesquita (FAUP/i2ADS/CITCEM)

  • Team
    Isabel Barroso, Noémia Herdade Gomes, Roberto Correia, Teresa Medina

Resultados do projeto ProT-Porto

Mesquita, Mário (Ed.) (2019). 2ª Jornada em Processos de Transformação no Ensino-Aprendizagem em Arte. i2ADS edições. ISBN: 978-989-54417-8-5