Spaces of occupation of non-standardized learning in Arts Education

Seed project | i2ADS

Arts Education, Critique and Society
  • Referência
  • i2ADS-2022-OCUP_EA
  • Período
  • 02.22.2022 — 12.31.2026

This project aims to explore the invisibility in education, seeking to act, observe and analyse learning territories that are not seen, because they are not part of a previously established educational script. From this collection, we propose to build an experimental archive that may disseminate and question what education does not say, according to the contexts and formats in which it is inscribed, namely through cultural and educational institutions, such as the museum or the school.

  • Institutions
    Agrupamento de Escolas de Canelas
    Casa da Imagem
    Escolas dos Agrupamentos de Tondela
    Associação Cultural e Recreativa (ACERT)
    Agrupamento de Escolas D. Pedro I, Canidelo
    Formação em Educação e Investigação em Educação Artística (Oficina FEIA)
  • Principal Investigator
    Lígia Lima

  • Team
    Ana Mafalda Pereira (i2ADS/FBAUP/FCT studentship), Bárbara Carmo (i2ADS/FBAUP/FCT studentship), Inês Barreira (i2ADS/FBAUP/i2ADS/FCT studentship), José Carlos de Paiva (i2ADS), Liliana Couto (i2ADS), Luana Andrade (i2ADS/FBAUP/FCT studentship), Marcela Pedersen (i2ADS/FBAUP/FCT studentship), Melina Scheuermann (i2ADS/FBAUP/Project associated studentship)