Rui Ferro

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

collaborative researcher

António Rui Ferro Moutinho. PhD in Art and Design, in 2015, Degree in Fine Arts – Sculpture, in 1996, by the University of Porto, at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Assistant Professor at the University of Porto, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Plastic Arts Department, Sculpture section. Responsible for the scientific / pedagogical, as well as functional, coordination of the Modeling and Molding Technical Workshop Service, at FBAUP. Research Interests: The scientific area of Sculpture as a vast universe of interdependent relations between space, matter, technique, scale, body and time. The scientific area of Sculpture as a platform of relation with the general dimensions of life. The scientific area of Sculpture in a relationship with its ancestral legacy, to the basic expressions that help define the Human, in close connection with the present-day experiments, in the face of its global idiosyncrasy, which reflects directions for future. The scientific area of Sculpture as a reflexive and critical platform, as a platform to look at the world, translate and communicate the role of the human in its space and time. Key Outstanding Results: Systematic research on Modelling, Moulding and Casting areas reflected in his teaching, in the investigation of his academic works and in his artistic curriculum. The search for evolution in these sectors is currently communicating with the technological developments of digital universe, of scanner and rapid prototyping, conquered through the processing of its author project.


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