Michael Croft

Research Institute in Art, Design and Society

collaborative researcher

Michael Croft. Completed the Magister in Painting in 1985 by Royal College of Art, Postgraduate Certificate in Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling, Birkbeck College in 1998/06 by Birkbeck University of London and Bachelor in Painting School in 1977/06 by Camberwell College of Arts. Is Lecturer in Chiang Mai University. Published 9 articles in journals. Has 2 section(s) of books. Participated in 2 event(s). Has received 3 awards and/or honors. Participates and/or participated as Other in 2 project(s). Works in the area(s) of Humanities with emphasis on Arts. In his curriculum Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural output are: drawing; archaeology; unconscious; creative education; experience; philosophy; psychoanalytical theory; Drawing; Perception; Unconscious; Cognition; Psychonalytical theory; visual research; ideas; concepts; visualising; reflective practice; painting; architecture; visualisation; creativity; cognition; visual thinking; movement; space; workshop; process; phenomenology; perception; walking; time; visual practice; language; speech; transcripts; perspective; educational programs; image studies; health; somatic; digital technology; sound; artistic research; visual arts; fine art; ideas generation; video animation; solo exhibition; posters; visual art; reproduction; sculpture; printmaking; lecturers; anniversary; media; design; students; craft; film; video; screenings.


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