Manuel Brásio

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

Thesis title
Oficinas de Criação Anticatacresofonia: experiências de emancipação na aprendizagem musical

FCT reference

This doctoral project carried out under the auspices of Sonoscopia – Cultural Association aims to investigate the musical education system in Portugal and explore innovative and inclusive pedagogical approaches that promote the emancipation and intellectual autonomy of students through artistic creation and engagement with sound phenomena.Through an ethnographic approach with data collection tools such as participant observation individual and focus group interviews and analysis of legal documentation gaps and challenges in formal music education and in non-formal contexts will be identified and strategies will be developed to foster horizontality democracy cultural diversity collaborative work learning autonomy creativity and critical thinking in the classroom. Musical creation workshops will be conducted in various sociocultural and educational contexts.The project aims to explore pedagogical approaches in the experience of the participants and bring an effective contribution albeit local and situated to the Portuguese education system.

Ana Paz (supervisor), Mário Azevedo and Gustavo Costa (co-supervisors)


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