João Miguel Ramos

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

bolseiro FCT // phd student

Thesis title
Diagram as Strategy and Frame in contemporary art

FCT reference

The thesis intends to examine the notion of Diagram as suggested by various authors and its implications for the understanding of the field of contemporary art highlighting Gilles Deleuze undeveloped notion of “Control Diagram”. Inscribing this notion seeks to forecast socio-politic philosophical events pertaining to the pluralist, alterity and transdisciplinary conditions that surround the contemporary art world. Through the examination of Diagram’s manifold notions and meanings we intend to assess changes in the artistic field acknowledging it as a theory and practical tool for the wide context of Art and its relationship with education, markets, dissemination, subscription, authorship, among others. In this way we seek to understand how the Diagram can emerge as a valuable source to present an alternative condition to perceive Art and its discursive connections as well as putting forward a set of theoretical and practical tools to answer our current society’s challenges.

Domingos Loureiro


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