Gabriela Vasconcelos Pinheiro

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

integraded researcher

Maria Gabriela Vasconcelos de Sousa Pinheiro. Completed her PhD in Conceptual Public Art in 2002 from the University of the Arts London with a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Master in European Scenography Master of Arts in 1995 from Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, Master’s in Theory & Practice of Public Art & Design in 1996 from Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London and Degree in Visual Arts-Sculpture Special Cycle in 1994 for the University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts. Assistant Professor at the University of Porto, Integrated Member of the i2ADS – Institute of Research in Art Design and Society. She is widely published under the editorial identity Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro. Published articles in peer-reviewed journals, with 3 book chapter(s) and 11 book(s). Received 1 award(s) and/or honors. Participation as a Researcher in charge in more than 1 project(s). She works in the area(s) of Humanities with an emphasis on Arts and Humanities. In her professional activities, she interacted with 7 collaborator(s) in co-authorship of scientific works. In her Science Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in contextualising scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Drawing; Contemporary art; Curatorship; Aesthetics; Place; Experience; Sculpture; Space; Body; Time; Philosophy of art. She is Profesor in the Fine Arts Faculty since 2003 and Director of the Master of Art & Design for the Public Space since 2007.


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