Derek Pigrum

Research Institute in Art, Design and Society

I am an artist/ researcher. My interests are in drawing and perception and large-scale figurative painting. My research into agency and creativity is from the perspectives of the physical workplace, artistic practices, psychoanalytic object relations theory and Peirce’s semiotics with its radical emphasis on the mind as configured by the instruments and notation we use. I am particularly interested in the notion of contingency and the role of tuché in transitional Multi-mode practices. Much of my research has involved the development of a non-linear model of transitional practices and its application to secondary and tertiary art education. Many of my academic papers have focused on the mediate modes of this model such as non-finito drawing, drawing on the expendable surface of inscription, and the artist’s (and students) encounter with the charged image/object and its affective arrangement in the workplace. A central theme of my research is the notion of artistic practices as Das Gegenwerk, or the work towards the work that avoids definitive closure.


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