Catarina Lira Pereira

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon

Catarina Lira Pereira nasceu em Bordéus em 1977. Vive e trabalha em Lisboa. Em 2021, obteve o título de Especialista em Belas Artes. É Professora Adjunta Convidada na ECIA – IPLUSO. É doutoranda em Belas Artes, especialidade em Pintura, na FBAUL e Bolseira FCT.


Thesis title
Mural Painting and Digital Culture: Shifts in the Artistic Paradigm in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

FCT reference

This project aims to delve into the potential of merging traditional painting methodologies with digital tools to innovate and disseminate contemporary mural painting. The proposal includes establishing an experimental laboratory and authorial practice. The aim is to investigate how digital tools, particularly AI, can be applied to artistic creative processes. In doing so, it takes into account both the challenges and opportunities inherent in the art creation process. The study encompasses a contemplation of the philosophical and ethical implications of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in art, and also aims to consider the influence of this emerging technology on the artist-artwork-viewer dynamic. By blending mural painting with digital culture and AI—a relatively uncharted field—the project seeks to introduce fresh perspectives to future creative practices. This approach aims to expand the technical and creative repertoire, particularly in the visual dimension and the communicative power of Painting. Additionally, the project seeks to stimulate discussions on the evolving role of the artist and the perception of art in the digital age.

Diana Costa (supervisor) and Domingos Loureiro (co-supervisor)


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