António Quadros Ferreira

University of Porto

integrated researcher

Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto President of CAE, A3ES External Evaluation Committee of Fine Arts / Visual Arts Coordinator of the BCIP Project, Conceptual Bases of Research in Painting, 2014-2019 Member of the doctoral program The reality besieged: creative positions, University of Barcelona Member of ANBA, National Academy of Fine Arts Member of SCUCP, Scientific Society of the Portuguese Catholic University Member of i2ADS Member of CIEBA Professor Doctor António Quadros Ferreira, Chairman Professor at FBAUP, President of the Scientific Counsel of FBAUP and President of CAE for Visual Arts and Patrimony of A3ES. His actual research interests focus on questions aroused by problems of investigation in art. Member of the Scientific Committee of the ICOCEP – International Congress on Contemporary European Painting, 2017.


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