Ana Sofia Ribeiro

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

Ana Sofia de Castro Amarante e Ribeiro. Concluiu o Mestrado em Artes Plásticas em 2021 pela Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Belas Artes e a Licenciatura em Artes Plásticas em 2019 pela Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Belas Artes. Atua nas áreas de Humanidades com ênfase em Artes Plásticas. Atualmente, exerce como professora no âmbito das atividades de enriquecimento curricular (AEC), atividades de apoio educativo, de apoio à família e de atividades técnicas especializadas.


Thesis title
Environmental reciprocity as an aesthetic and ethical resource in artistic practice

FCT reference

The convergence between environmental reciprocity and contemporary art, to give relevance to an ecocentric ethical transition, will be analyzed by identifying and listing definitions and productions where the artistic action intertwines terms such as ecopsychology, ecocentrism, deep ecology, and ecological art as a central component of mediation, restructuring, and transpersonal renewal of the Hubris/Biophilia binomial. With the development of an experimental laboratory and an authorial practice that highlights the potential of the artistic experience as a sociopolitical influence, it seeks to assess the deconstruction of concepts of human and wild property and claim biological wisdom in the art spectator. To contribute in an innovative way to incursions that reconcile the identity dimension of nature and the plasticity/conceptual matrix, activist strategies of matter mutation and more sustainable aesthetic interventions, in the artistic territory, arise in the eventual interdependence between nature and culture; viewer and psychology; and ecology and art.

Teresa Almeida


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