Call for applications for one research grant in Art and Design — i2ADS (REF UIDP/04395/2020)

Applications until April 2, 2024
The Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP) at this moment opens this Call for Applications for one research grant under the FCT Plural-Year Financing Contract Project of i2ADS 2020-2023 (ref. UIDP/04395/2020), ongoing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Scientific area:
Art and Design

Admission requirements:
All individuals of legal age who meet the following requirements are eligible for this research grant, for which documentary evidence must be provided:
a) Enrollment in a master’s degree in the Arts and Humanities or other related areas (requirement to
be duly proven when hiring).
b) Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design or related fields;
c) Experience in graphic production and editorial projects.

Preferred requirements:
a) Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design.
b) Professional experience in graphic production and editorial projects.
c) Availability to begin the work in April 2024, mentioned in the motivation letter.

Work Plan:
The main goals to be achieved under the research grant are:
a) Production of graphic materials resulting from i2ADS activities.
b) Editorial production of publications resulting from i2ADS activities
c) Promotion of a dissemination policy for research results resulting from i2ADS activities
d) Collaboration on i2ADS web platforms and social media.

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