YETI #2 — Youth Education Through Illustration

The purpose of this 2nd edition of YETI is to get together international young illustrators wanting to share their knowledge and experience with other illustrators and enthusiasts on the matter through a 4 days’ non-formal educational program with two distinct components: presentations/conferences and workshops.

  • 6 Setembro 2018 —
  • 9 Setembro 2018
  • Quinta das Relvas, Albergaria-A-Velha

The goal is to organize not only a normal conference or workshop but to have both together so that participants can actually try what is presented by the lecturers decreasing the gap between them and the public, providing an actual development on participants’ skills. Through these 4 days’ easy going but productive meeting, we want participants not only to learn and practice but also increase their illustration network around Europe.

By participating at YETI participants will receive new tools and perspectives on illustration; learn from experience of other youngsters already recognized internationally as brilliant illustrators; change ideas in an international young group; work together with illustrators from different backgrounds and cultures; participate in a final exhibition of the work done during YETI (curated by Ema Ribeiro, the director of Ó! Galeria); be part of the final video documentary; get a participation certificate; camp at a natural quiet environment of a XVIII century eco-farm surrounded by private woods in Branca, Portugal.

Artists & Researchers
Aniss El Hamouri (MAR)
Cecília Corujo (PT)
Kruella D’Enfer (PT)
Lorde Mantraste (PT)
Mariana, a Miserável (PT)
Miren Asiain Lora (ES)
Tina Siuda (PL)
Valerio Vidali (IT)
Ana Muska (PT)
André Carvalho (PT)
Marta Soutinho (PT)
Miguel Gouveia (PT)

Associação Quintas das Relvas
i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
dgArtes – Républica Portuguesa / Cultura
Faculty of Fine Arts – ULisboa
Município de Albergaria-A-Velha
Junta de Freguesia da Branca
Galeria Ó
Ponto das Artes
Editora Bruaá
Circus Network