WhatIf’21 — 1st International Conference of ‘What if?…’ World History

After the first two editions of the International Meeting of ‘What if?…’ World History, we are pleased to announce it will originate the First International Conference of ‘What if?…’ World History (WhatIf’21).

This conference presents itself as a forum per excellence to researchers and aficionados of Alternate and Alternative History to exchange ideas and research results of the field, whether as academic subject, or artistic/literary creation.

Alternate /Alternative and Counterfactual History, either from an artistic and literary or academic research point of view, departs from a child-like question: What if?… What if Britain had confronted Germany in 1938 instead of 1942, when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia? What if the Invincible Armada had not sunk? What if steam had surpassed electric machinery and Victorian context was prolonged throughout the twentieth century?

And the possible answers are a reflective, inductive and/or deductive exercise that explores the meaning of the present and the future in all areas of knowledge, either in a systematic or creative manner.

Each year has a theme under the umbrella of Alternate and Alternative History, and the program committee encourages the submission of articles from all over the world that challenge, advance and enlighten the specifics of the theme. For the WhatIf’21 the theme is ‘Gamification and Alternative History’.

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