Videojogos — 10th Conference on Videogame Sciences and Arts

This annual conference has the goal to promote the scientific culture, research, and the industry of video games in Portugal, in which participated students, researchers, and professionals that work in the broad scope of video games.

Videojogos 2018, the Conference on Videogame Sciences and Arts will be held on November 21, organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and the Society of Video Games Sciences (SPCV).

The annual conferences of the SPCV promote scientific culture, research, and the videogame industry in Portugal. These conferences are attended by researchers and professionals in the expanded field of videogames, to disseminate work and exchange experiences between the academic community and industry.

This edition of the conference (VJ2018) will follow the format of previous editions, featuring the presentation of the communications by national and international researchers, and the presentation of projects and demos that will result from a call for papers focused on Accessibility, Aesthetics, Art Games, Critical Games, Games and Creativity, Gaming Culture, Game Development, Games and Learning, Games as Methods, Game Studies, Games as Tools or Instruments, Gamification, Gaming and Performance, Narrative, Non-Digital Games, Pervasive Games, Serious Games, Speculative Games, Technology, VR / MR / AR, and Music and Games.

Keynote: André Sier

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FBAUP – Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
FEUP – Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society
INESC TEC – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science
SPCV – Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências dos Videojogos