SCAFFOLDING — Geometry at Fine Arts and Design Faculties

An international meeting on pedagogy and didactics of Geometry and Perspective oriented towards Drawing.

  • 7 Maio 2018 —
  • 9 Maio 2018
  • FBAUP, Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis, Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim e Casa d'Artes do Bonfim

It is going to be a gathering of fellow academics debating common affairs, a peer’s forum aiming at enabling mutual acquaintance, as well as knowledge about what is being done by the peers in pedagogical and didact terms and in their researching and tutoring. It is a challenge to the peers for sharing their experience on teaching and their investigation interests.

Furthermore, the Encounter will also unveil or disclose to the community the role of Geometry as a structure for Drawing, within the Fine Arts and Design context. The Encounter is an academic meeting without a compulsory need to submit an abstract or a paper.

All the participants from Porto’s Fine Arts partner Faculties are welcome.

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