PDLP — International Conference Post-Digital Letterpress Printing

A two-day international conference on traditional and innovative design practices using letterpress printing.

This conference aims to reflect on the current status of letterpress practice and research nowadays. As in other international contexts, in the last few years, we have been slowly witnessing the revival of this technology in Portugal, mainly due to the surging interest of the modern printers and typesetters — the current generation of graphic designers and visual artists. With or without formal training, they have been experimenting, learning and merging this craft into their digital processes “reinvigorat[ing] traditional letterpress values from a design perspective” (Clouse, Voulangas, 2009), following the trend of international graphic designers.


The conference is being organised by the i2ADS in partnership with ID+ and uniMAD. We also rely on the collaboration of our partners from the EASR, ESE and ESAD—Idea to organize and to host the workshops together with them.