ICLI — 4th International Conference on Live Interfaces

This biennial conference will bring together people working with live interfaces in the performing arts, including music, the visual arts, dance, puppetry, robotics or games.

Every creative process starts from a given seminal idea, lying somewhere between abstract thinking and engagement with material objects: let’s call it the inspiration. The moment when ideas flow into and out of place, slowly building to become a cohesive whole. What are the problems we deal with in the early prototyping of interfaces for live performance? What technologies do we use and how do we choose them? How do these technologies inform and catalyse the creative process? How do we unlock their unique expressive potential?

Inevitably, the time for the highly anticipated first performancearrives. What strategies do we use to combine the live interfaces within the performance? How do we cope with the technical difficulties of integrating various technologies? What is the unique aesthetic potential of each of these technologies? How do they transfigure the performance reception from the audience’s perspective?

Eventually, each live interface has to find its own path towards an emancipation from its first performative use. How do we repurpose live interfaces? How do we maintain the underlying technologies so that we can reuse or repurpose them? How do we build a repertoire for their use? How do we document and notate their technical and artistic aspects for future use?

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