The Book of X

10 editions of xCoAx, more than 10 years of (loads of) work and (even bigger loads of) fun, in terms of conceiving, planning, designing, organising, printing, connecting, hammering, painting, discussing…

The book of X

It feels like yesterday, but also like 10 centuries ago. So much has changed in the world since the very first xCoAx in 2013 in Bergamo, and yet we are dealing with the same questions on what it means to be creative with computers, to be meaningful with signs, to be humans with/despite/thanks to machines.

This is a milestone in our quest, which we wanted to celebrate with some of our most beloved xCoAxers.

We called, and they answered.

The journey is not at all over, but it’s good to know we can rely on such great companions.

Join us. This is The Book of X.