Painting and Teaching: Reflexions inside the University

We expect that this book could be a contribution for the important discussion about teaching painting and to enlighten the reader, not only with answers but with other questions.

Painting and Teaching

These texts that we now publish in the context of ICOCEP and its 1st International Congress on Contemporary European Painting, which took place at the School of Arts of the University of Porto with the support of its research centre i2ADS, gather papers and reflective documents about diverse themes distributed through sections and debate sessions.

The forum had multiple moderations with pertinent impact, and constituted a significant moment on the lives of its participants that came from many institutions that wanted to be present at this important event.

This volume is published in order to increase the congress’ impact and that a wider number of interested researchers and practitioners are able to have access to what took place and how the subject of Painting, its creation and contemporary research was pertinently approached.

Hoping that it serves as the preparation for the 2nd congress, these documents are testaments to the work of artists, academics, researchers and students of fine arts, who have dedicated great attention to this demanding and always renewed Painting discipline. This publication aims therefore to make a substantial contribution to research in Painting within Higher Education. It is a reflection of work undertaken in both our research centre and also in the wider academic context. In a constantly evolving discipline, it is surely a contribution for its near future.

Francisco Laranjo

Como citar:

Laranjo, F., Loureiro, D., Torres, S. & Almeida, T. (Eds.) (2017). Painting and Teaching. i2ADS.


Painting and Teaching’s book aims to reflect about artistic education and its institutions, by analyzing issues such as methodologies, programs, and the place of the teacher inside the artistic practice. Questions like: Should the art teacher also be an artist? Which role plays the artist as a teacher inside the university? and others connected with the teaching of painting in the university, today. It presents a selected peer review articles from international researchers of several important academic institutions, mainly from Europe. The objective is to present a multiplicity of reflections about the Teaching of Painting in a contemporary context, and the role of the School of Art and its intervenients. The publication is in the continuity of the International Congress on Contemporary European Painting held at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 2017.