void setup() { PCD24 Kickoff Session }

Have the opportunity to know first-hand about all the conference activities and be inspired by the possibilities and experiences in creative coding presented by Eliana Santiago and Rodrigo Carvalho.

In this session, we will open the Processing Community Day 2024 activities by presenting the conference motif — Ludic Aesthetics — and launch the warm-up workshops’ program.

The kickoff session will be moderated by Prof. Eliana Penedos-Santiago and Prof. Rodrigo Carvalho. The event activities will be held in Portuguese language.

We invite all local and international participants interested in developing an interactive media project to attend and participate in this session to find out what will be possible to create and implement in a series of three workshops that lead up to the main event.

Register for the Kickoff session here!

More details online on the conference website:

Eliana Santiago (Ph.D., MDA) has been Professor of Design for BA and MA courses on Design Labs, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Video, Web History & Culture, Illustration & Digital Animation and Design for Health and Wellbeing, since 2005. Currently is an Assistant Professor at FBAUP. Integrated researcher and member at ID+ research institute and collaborator of the i2ADS research institute, focuses her research on the field of Arts and Humanities with an emphasis on human-computer interaction, Digital Media, Design for Health, Augmented Reality and Immersive Drawing through Virtual Reality.

Rodrigo Carvalho (FBAUP/ID+) is a designer & new media artist from Porto/Portugal, Phd in Digital Media (U. Porto/UT Austin Colab, 2018). His work on live visuals, coding, and interactive art involves a wide range of different outputs, from screen digital work, interactive installations, audiovisual live acts, or interactive visuals for stage performances. The visual side of BorisChimp504 and co-founder of Openfield Creative Studio.