The Historicization of the Creative Child: Working with and Against the Archive

Workshop with: Cat Martins, Tiago Assis, Catarina Almeida, Raquel Boavista, Melina Scheuermann, Samuel Guimarães.

  • 26 Abril 2023
  • 3:00 PM
  • Online

This is a workshop in which we will introduce the Project The Historicization of the Creative Child in Education. We will focus on the archive that is being constructed and strategies to work with and against this archive. We will mobilize archival materialities and work through some questions with the participants: How was the creative child constructed within western arts educational discourses at the intersection of discourses on race, class, gender, and ableism? Which subject positions are being mobilized? What are the colonialities we can name and deconstruct? How, as art educators, can we engage in reparative critical histories?

26.04.2023, 3pm GMT
Duration: 2h30m
Platform: zoom

Registration until 20.04.2023