RECODE Online Exhibition — Contact Zone

The RECODE Online Exhibition brings together 18 works that reflect on the digital culture they are a part of.

  • 14 Fevereiro 2023 —
  • 17 Fevereiro 2023
  • Galeria da Cozinha, FBAUP

In the current context of constant search for innovation, there is a proliferation of computational solutions that claim to be innovative but often hide technological heritage and appropriations. Given this, the RECODE theme emerges as an opportunity to discuss computational approaches that point to issues of the current maker culture without disregarding its historical path. After all, how can our creative work favor a more expressive and dialogical post-digital ecology?

RECODE Online Exhibition is part of the PCD23@Porto’s program and in this year’s edition the organizing committee provided a contact zone were visitors will have the chance to explore the online exhibition. A space for socialization with the advantage of functioning as a sole group viewing the works.


@Camila Mangueira

The Contact Zone can be visited until the 17th of February, 2023 at the FBAUP’s Galeria da Cozinha.

Visit the online exhibition at: https://pcd.fba.up.pt/2023/exhibition/
+ info: https://pcd.fba.up.pt/2023/exhibition/recode.html