Ana Allen

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

phd student // FCT studentship

Thesis title
MEDIATIZED LANDSCAPE – A Technological Contemplation Of Nature

FCT reference

The project has as its initial premise the identification and transposition of issues and problems of the history of painting for contemporary artistic conceptualizations. The research is developed in the field of image construction and, in this sense, it intends to approach the way painting today can frame the historical theme of landscape and simultaneously the digital technological character that configures the most recent ideas, experiences and images of contemporaneity. The project assumes a theoretical-practical construction based on the construction of an Image Atlas where the studio practice creates a dialogue between distinct languages – painting and digital technology – as a means of image production and interpretation of reality. It focuses on the technological nature of images that define and construct the perception of current reality, thinking about how this configuration informs the contemporary experience of landscape, and investigating to what extent this new mediation of the world departs from or confirms the notion of landscape culturally constructed by the traditional representation of painting – a concept that is cultivated and well rooted in world culture as a subject of great historical relevance. The project develops in a logic of counterpoints between past and present temporality, between the notion of natural and artificial, and also between virtual and physical experience. To this end, it identifies the aesthetics and lines of thought linked to the landscape tradition and in which technological and artificial ways these representations of nature emerge in contemporary practices and discourses.

Pedro Maia (supervisor) e André Rangel (co-supervisor)