Using movies on the art classes

This text talks about the experience of organizing a pedagogical resource – a book – that gathers the know-how of fourteen teachers by using movies in art classes. This is an attempt to outline some ideas about the pedagogical practice based on the audiovisual resources as a tool in the classroom. Is not only about the story or the scenario but, specially, is about the film language as artistic and pedagogical languages. The ten movies, chosen by the twelve authors, bring challenges to the art teacher as cultural mediator because it proposes ways of engage in the aesthetic and artistic consumption of the “learners/publics”, foster, consequently, the read, the consumption, the production, circulation and exchange of new symbolic representations. The school and the classroom should be spaces of education, communication, and dialogue, where debates and cultural confrontation takes place. In this way, school and classroom, in our contemporary society, can be any space where teaching and learning, creation, aesthetic fruition and artistic consumption take place interactively.  

Year 2013
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Actas da Conferência Internacional Avanca / Cinema 2013
Pages 1020-1029
Publisher Cine-Clube de Avanca
Local Avanca
Ed/Org António Costa Valente, Rita Capucho
ISBN / ISSN ISBN: 978-989-654-107-1
Language Português