An operational relationship between Art and Science – The schistose rocks pyro-expanded

Abstract: This paper is focused on the operational relationship between art and science that was set by a research involving the pyro-expansion of schist and slate, as an expressive medium for artistic production. Knowledge of the fields of geology and materials science was used and developed, allowing that the very rich poetic inherent to this material may be the starting point of artistic research and work.

In this research, art and science are considered different conceptual systems and practices, however with the same general goal – the expression of the different manifestations that reality may present to us. Thus the intersections of these two areas may produce relevant knowledge and the results of the research herein presented, intends to be an example of this.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Artech2012, 6th
Pages 413-416
Publisher Grupo Português de Computação Gráfica and Artech International
Local Faro
Ed/Org Teresa Chambel, Alberto García Ariza, Gavin Perin, Mírian Tavares, José Bidarra, Mauro Figueiredo
ISBN / ISSN 978-972-98464-7-2
Language português