A perspective about the young people as producers of visual culture: the role of the tecnhologies of vision in the construction of notions and practices on visual literacy

This paper discloses the research procedures led with young people, in the context of Arts and Education PhD program (University of Barcelona), at which I investigate about “the role of schools in the development and social appreciation of visual literacy”. The evidences gathered through the investigation process are presented and discussed in such a way that can provide clues to a reflection about the notions and practices of visual literacy that flow across the discourses and practices of young people during their process of personal construction, mediated by technologies of vision.
Key words: visual literacy, technologies of vision, research with young people.

Year 2012
Type Book Chapter
Publication "Investigar con Jóvenes: ¿Qué sabemos de los jóvenes como productores de Cultura Visual?"
Pages 258-278
Publisher Pamiela – Edarte (UPNA/NUP)
Local Pamplona
Ed/Org Edarte, Grupo de investigación
ISBN / ISSN 978-84-7681-763-6
Language Português