A report about the process of researching visual literacy with students and teachers

In this article I try to realize the process of research about the role of school in development and social highlighting of visual literacy, held in the Arts and Education PhD program of University of Barcelona, writing about the research procedures already done with young people and teachers. I don’t want to present conclusions but instead highlight the process of construction of methodology and it application on the field. All over the article I try to approach four especial challenges to the researcher: access to the field, chose the sample, chose the method, analyze the data. According to the ethical principles defined to this research, all participants (young people and teachers) read and approved the content of this article.

In Press

Year 2012
Type Book Chapter, Unpublished Text
Publication Actas de las I Jornadas Anuales "Investigadores en Formación"
Publisher Universidade de Barcelona
Ed/Org Grupo AutoDoc
Language Português