Syndyn Artistic Sports Game

SynDyn combines aesthetics, physical activity and public entertainment. While practicing vigorous physical activity, players control audiovisual events that occur in the game space/time, simultaneously feeding a light drawn imagery database. The Urban/Free/Rebel spirit empowered by its young and aggressive image associated with an idea of speed, power control and precision aim the adhesion of urban tribes that can play in unconventional places. The appropriation of game spots in the city accentuates concepts underlying sport activity – boldness, freedom and a rebellion – in the path of adaptation of conventional sports to the city or urban context, taking advantage of furniture, obstacles and architecture. As a “clean” modality, doesn’t require special infrastructures and has no negative impact on the landscape.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication ARTECH2012 - Crossing Digital Boundaries, 6th
Pages 511-513
Publisher Grupo Português de Computação Gráfica and ARTECH International.
Local Faro, Portugal
ISBN / ISSN 978-972-98464-7-2
Language English