(Português) Sobre o texto: da leitura à (re)escrita


This text aims to discuss some issues related to the practice of writing. Departing from a writing practice which acknowledges other readings, we question in what way we, as subjects, can relate to it, attempting to understand the subjectivity that is embedded in the very act of writing. Therefore, the relationship established by the writer or the researcher with the text arises from the problem they face as subjects either of reading or of writing. Seeking to explore this issue, we turn to Barthes (1987a, 1987b), Compagnon (2007) and Foucault (2008, 2009), authors whose contributions enable us to further this discussion.

Keywords: text, reading, writing, research issue.

Year 2014
Type Newspaper Opinion Article, Electronic Article
Publication DERIVAS : investigação em educação artística, 01
Pages 105-111
Publisher i2ADS -nEA / Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto / Mais Leituras, Editora
Local Porto
Ed/Org Catarina S. Martins (i2ADS/FBAUP); José Carlos de Paiva (i2ADS/FBAUP)
ISBN / ISSN 2183-3524
Language Português