Rotas de memória : a árvore e a madeira : relações na prática escultórica

Te Tree and Memory, Memory Personal most particularly tied to Trees, and te Tree as a living tat seems to incorporate in itself te very living of memory, are te central elements of tis project. Project tat aims to find te art in artistic procedures, more particularly sculpture, te appeal to rediscover te ways of cildood in te Forest of Leiria and learning encanted world of te Trees in te area of Marina Grande. Tis feature to reencant te world, celebrating it and reinventing it around wit a feeling tat did not seem inappropriate to call Silence. But as a grateful sculptor was also need to look and feel te wood, in anoter sense, all te cruelty of a Foretold Deat tat te trees seem today, in a world were te laws of economics prevail, damned.

But it was necessary – is tis not te magic of Art? – Bring oters to tis experience so personal “engrafting” tem certain way in te project, making tem live inside te project, making temselves engage in teir own pats troug tis world feeling, a feeling proper to eac of tem, according to its own rytm to eac one of tem, te reencantment of te world to make up. It took only a few people cosen to live tis experience directly, owever attempting everyting to enable you also to enter im, enter it, live it to te fullest. Terefore, in addition to bring to your Presence various sculptural elements designed to enable suc experience, I drew up a Roadmap, tis tat you ave on your ands, for wic it was necessary to find words tat knew not to overlap, before composing wit it ́s Presence, tat wanted to continue and manifest, tat wanted to reaffirm and not let fade.

Imported still to evoke and make notice of te artistic pats and unique works of oter contemporary artists inseparable witin tis temes,wose suggestive artworks powerfully enabled and allows intensely emotional experiences and tat ave been a scool, a essential learning for te design and realization of tis project. Tis appeal to te de sired encantment tat Art as been sown not to find witout tem, and witout witc cildood and teir Trees would be forever lost in oblivion. If now tere is memory, and it was possible to draw precise routes, it’s to tem in good part due.

It sould be remembered te most daring ambition of tis project, owever tis tesis is only allowed to sketc, and so ere we could just discern, envision as an open door to a pat tat only began to tread: te return address for tou beings of a world tat ad turned away and looked lost, return to teir intimacy, and lead te artistic you to move in te same direction.

Year 2014
Type Thesis
Institution Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Degree PhD
Supervisor(s) Carlos Barreira
Language Português
Field Sculpture, Fine Arts