(Português) REPETIR como Função do Desenho no Processo Criativo. REFAZER -­ uma Tarefa da Função Repetir


This article, focused on the use of drawing in the creative process, aims to analyze panoramically the relevance of the action Repeat. Considered this action as one of the Functions of Drawing in that context, Repeat unfolds in different Tasks – the Task Remake, the Task Iterate and the Task intensify. It starts with a general analysis of the term Repeat – its contexts and pertinence of study – and then focus on a more specific approach, that is, the article focuses on the analysis of the Task Remake, one of the actions considered central to the Function Repeat.

Keywords: drawing, function, task, repeat, remake.

Year 2015
Type Journal Article with peer review
Publication Revista OUVIRouVER, 11(1), Janeiro/Junho “Processos em Arte: unidade, repetição e transformação”
Pages 12-32
Publisher Instituto de Artes, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Local Brasil
ISBN / ISSN ISSN 1809-290X
Language Português