(Português) Re(l)atar: relatar, reatar pontos e nós. Relato (in)fiel de uma ou várias situações de estágio

Re(l)atar (from the word game Reatar/relatar – reattach /report) assesses the internship that took place at Aurélia de Sousa School, focusing on the figure of the professor as inevitably political and artist; a never-ending trainee. Report here accounts for the attempt to reattach relationships, the learning and the conflicting points of view of a network that stresses personal and institutional identity, cultural differences and cultural diversity of our environments.

This report evokes several educational moments (also those partaken in other institutions such as EB2/3 do Viso no Porto and the schools of the community Quilombo da Conceição das Crioulas in the Brazilian northeast) that converge and inform the internship.

This document assesses particularly the concepts of specific curriculum, informed by the learning achievements made during this research period, the intercultural contact and input, and, mostly, the internship.

Year 2010
Type Thesis
Institution Universidade do Porto, FPCE e FBA
Degree Master
Supervisor(s) Henrique Vaz
Language Português
Field Art Education