(Português) Questionando práticas naturalizadas em Educação Artística a partir de Michel Foucault


In this paper I put some theoretical contributions of Michel Foucault in dialogue with arts education. My goal is to understand how his work can provide researchers and educators in arts education tools for a critical engagement with their objects of study and their practices. From concepts and methodologies as the history of the present, the relations of power-knowledge and practices of subjectivation, I seek to undertake a historical analysis of the discourse surrounding the teaching of drawing in Portugal in the rst half of the 20th century as a way of observing the apparatus of psycho-pedagogical knowledge that has been built a certain idea of the child, that became naturalized in the educational landscape.


Key-words: arts education, Michel Foucault, power-knowledge, subjectivation, history of the present

Year 2014
Type Journal Article with peer review
Publication Derivas - Investigação em Educação Artística | Research in Arts Education, (1)
Pages 41-61
Publisher i2ADS / FBAUP
Local Porto
ISBN / ISSN ISSN: 2183-3524
Language Português, Espanhol