What meaning for research in arts education except as a political practice?


This article seeks to put research in arts education as a performative space of resistance, which involves close links between theory and practice. We intend to open the discussion in order to question the power and knowledge relations that shape the processes of subjectivation in the field of art education since modernity and that set up the present time. The approach taken does not attempt to return an unified image of a subject that should recover its «I», nor to put the others in contact with a lost humanity. On the contrary, the space of resistance that is proposed in «action- -research» (political act of transformation) implies the suspension of the present with the view to invent other becomings without thereby closing the limit of the yet to come. At first sight distant from a thought on art education, the discussion that now opens is intended, precisely, to question what is being designating by art education and also the research taking place there, beginning with questioning the starting platforms that are installed as natural to this field and control the speech production. The area of resistance is not definable but a way to happen necessarily performative. That the theory is in the world and manufactures the world itself seems to be serenely accepted today, but what if we think that the spaces of freedom that we believe we are building are, simulta-neously, spaces of limitation of what is seen, thought and acted?


Keywords: research, art education, resistance, performativity, political

Year 2013
Type Journal Article with peer review
Publication Educação, Sociedade & Culturas, 40
Pages 15-29
Publisher CIIE/Edições Afrontamento
ISBN / ISSN ISSN: 0872-7643
Language Português