Processes in (re)process

Processes in (re)process is a tangle of lines of action that is developed in conjunction with a group of students and who now becomes, in this article, in my own reflection as an artist teacher on this experience, that was based on the development of a work proposal around contemporary artistic practices, performed by two classes representing the Portuguese ninth grade (non-vocational education).
But this proposal, thought of as an approximation of school to contemporary art, was developed around the field of experimentation of the artistic practice in real context, by juxtaposition to hypothetical simulations that school holds every day in their students in its various practices. What I mean is that students are part of this pursuit like a Barthesian pass down ring where, from a common starting point, the end is unpredictable. Therefore, there is a constant incitement, a process of mothering (Barthes, 2004) where students and teachers work together, although with different objectives in searching for a way of being in the construction of meaning(s).
In that manner, some questions arise: how to understand the influence that school culture and students generate in the work of the artist teacher? Where one begins and another ends? What do we learn from students? What do they teach us? What movement is made between both practices? What kind of social sculpture (Beyus, 2010) builds this relational aesthetics (Bourriaud, 2002)? What is left? What is excluded? What is generated?

Key-Words: visual arts; teacher artist; action research methodology.

Year 2012
Type Conference Proceeding
Publication Investigacion en las Artes y la Cultura Visual
Pages 212-222
Publisher Universitat de Barcelona
Local Barcelona
Ed/Org Hernandez, Fernando & Antonio Aguirre
Language Português