(Português) Porquê Investigação?


My work is not artistic research, yet it is about artistic research. With this denomination I refer to a very particular articulation of thought, history and politics, present in the design, construction and resonance of artworks. My commitment is to make a discourse analysis of artistic research, without submitting to the outlined limits of theory over practice, and beginning by answering to the central question that, in my view, crosses all the loquacity of present research in the arts’ domain: why “research”?

Hereafter I will hold on three possible inlets to the question, all of them con uent on the complexity of discourse: the meaning attributed by the common sense to the word “research”, which will be directed to an approach to science; the question of formulating this meaning in the art world, with recourse to history; and the ‘institutional theory’ of artistic research, which discloses political and economic purposes, demonstrating even further the discursive condition of artistic research. In the trail of the last entry it is worth asking: how can artistic research turn into a credible epistemological practice?

Year 2014
Type Article in journal
Publication Derivas: Investigação em Educação Artística, 1
Pages 63-72
Publisher i2ADS - nEA
Ed/Org Catarina S. Martins & José Carlos de Paiva
ISBN / ISSN ISSN: 2183-3524
Language Português