(Português) Polifonias do Documentário: Linguagens Sonoras e Plasticidades Documentais (1930-1940)

The dissertation intends to explore the diversity of the use of sound in documentary films in the first two decades of the sound period, the 30’s and 40’s. The study passes on three main vectors: the first one, centered on the pre-sonorous development of sonorous cinema and in the theoretical diversity, and also in the sound experimentations of the European vanguards; the second one, that intends to situate and characterize historically the movements and directors; And the third one, contextualized for a short reference to the sound elements and the music, trying to show up the different kinds of voice representations, music, and noise adopted between themselves and with the images, by the film makers, composers of documentaries in the 30’s and 40’s.

Year 2007
Type Thesis
Institution Universidade do Porto
Degree Master
Supervisor(s) Carlos Miguel de Sá e Melo Ferreira
Language Português
Field Arts, Cinema, Documentary