Perspectives of Artistic Education face to digital technology. Teaching drawing to the studio to the network.

The research looks at questions like the effects and potential of digital

technologies within online environments, envisaged as an alternative to

the traditional relationship between teaching and learning within the

artistic tuition.

The starting point for the development of this work was the idea that

digital technology broadens the communication possibilities applied

to artistic teaching and learning, promoting more collaborative and

participatory dynamics promoting knowledge network.

With a starting point of the exper ience of teaching/learning focused in

the subject of drawing and introducing the concept of drawing as a tool for

searching, questioning and validating an idea, we developed the content

of the thesis with the intention of promoting a permanent education to

facilitate both individual and group reflection to broaden communication

and information networks enabling more sharing and collaboration of


Year 2013
Type Thesis
Institution Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Degree PhD
Supervisor(s) Paulo Silva Dias | Coorientadores: Paulo Luís de Almeida e Adérito Marcos
Language Português
Field Drawing