Landscape post mortem


This dissertation presents the results of the investigation which are the foundations to execute the painting exercises developed at the end. This investigation comprehends the analyses of the death of painting and its effects on the appearance and disappearance of the landscape painting’s, trying to perceive the possibility if landscape painting maintenance on the most radical periods of vanguards and conceptualism. It begins with the Modernism installation, in a path to Hipermodernism, the actual moment, different variables and painting dismemberment processes are presented, proposing a map to a continuous comprehension of the landscape painting in a Post Mortem period and which are their actual characteristics. From this research results the premises to the comprehension of the individual painting Project and its aesthetic and procedural framing, especially in the execution of the gestural painting. The gesture assumes an important relevance in this context as it was used as a personal investigation, in the execution of the painting, where image results by the conditioning of its action.

Year 2007
Type Thesis
Institution Faculdade de Belas Artes / Universidade do Porto
Degree Master
Supervisor(s) Francisco Laranjo
Language Português
Field Artistic Studies, Painting